We’re Beatdapp, a venture-backed startup delivering the most advanced digital rights management technology in the world. Our industry-leading software is used to help music labels and artists track music and collect royalties. Plus, who doesn't love working for the world’s best music labels and artists all day!

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  • Arpan

    Growth Marketing Manager

    “ At Beatdapp, everyone holds great pride in the work they are doing. It is amazing to work with people who share your mindset and have become great friends in the process! ”

  • Kyle

    Senior Product Manager

    “ Our team is so passionate about music and motivated to solve huge challenges as the industry transitions to streaming media. Customer-focus is also key and we are getting direct input from some of the most influential players in the business. ”

  • Evan

    Blockchain Developer

    “ I love music which is why it is exciting to be working for a company solving an important problem for the music industry. Our developers get the chance to work with state-of-the-art technologies to build projects that span across the globe. ”

Meet the Founders

  • Andrew Batey


  • Morgan Hayduk


  • Pouria Assadipour